Code-sharing on Trains between Frankfurt Airport and Stuttgart Main Station: If you are flying via Frankfurt, some of the Lufthansa flights to Stuttgart are actually trains that are operated by Deutsche Bahn in co-operation with Lufthansa. To find out if you are booked on of these trains, check the code of your destination airport.

If the destination of your flight is ZWS, you are using an ICE high-speed train from Frankfurt Airport to Stuttgart main station or vice versa. If you are using one of these trains, please check your baggage tag at check-in: If the destination of your bag is stated as ZWS/Stuttgart, you need to pick up your bags close to the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport (not Stuttgart!). If your bags are check to FRA/Frankfurt, please follow the signs to the regular baggage claim at Frankfurt Airport. If your flight starts at ZWS/Stuttgart main station, you need to pick up your boarding cards at Stuttgart main station. Once you arrive at Frankfurt Airport, a special Lufthansa Air Rail baggage drop-off counter exists on the upper level of the long-distance train station.

Details about Lufthansa Air Rail.

Once you arrive at Stuttgart main station (Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof), please follow these instructions to get to the conference venue.