The Venue is Söllerhaus – a small family run hotel with lecture rooms – situated in the Kleinwalsertal just above Hirschegg, directly in the skiing area Heuberg. Snow permitting one can ski directly from the front door. Information about the skiing area can be found here.

How to get there?

Söllerhaus  is reachable by public transport. The next train station is  Oberstdorf/Allgäu (Germany). Participants will have to organize their own travel from and to the winterschool. Further travel information to Söllerhaus (in German) is found here.

Connection to Söllerhaus
  1. Arrive at the train station: Oberstdorf/Allgäu (Germany)
  2. Take bus line 1 (Direction: Baad/Mittelberg, Stop:  Riezlern Post) (Bus schedule)
  3. Change to line 5 (Direction: Ifen, Stop:  Fuchsfarm) (Bus schedule)
  4. From there, it is a short uphill walk to the hut.
Connection to the Village

If you want to visit the village, there is a bus to Hirschegg, which run several times per hour and takes about 30 minutes. There is a supermarket and a pharmacy there.