🌊 Sunday 12 of May, ☀️ Hawai’i Convention Centre, Honolulu, HI 🌴

The workshop “Evaluating Interactive AI: Understanding and Mitigating Placebo Effects in Human-AI Interaction” (EvalAI@CHI) allows practitioners, students, and researchers to discuss the future of human-AI interaction research methodologies. As an integral part of the CHI 2024 conference, this workshop digs into the often-overlooked aspects of evaluating AI and controlling for user biases towards AI and placebo effects in human-AI interaction.

This one-day workshop will serve as a convergence point for interactive discussions centered around the impact of user expectations on human-AI research outcomes. Participants will be able to explore the facets of user biases and placebo effects, traditionally a significant factor in medical research but now emerging as a crucial element that needs to be controlled for in human-AI and HCI studies.

This workshop is specifically designed for academics, researchers, and students involved in HCI research and interested in advancing the methodological soundness of their work. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn, share, and contribute to the evolving conversation on revisiting AI evaluation methods and control for placebo effects in human-AI studies.

Are you interested in participating? Check the Call for Participation.

Join us at CHI 2024 for this enlightening experience, where you will gain valuable insights into addressing user expectation biases in HCI research and contribute to shaping the future of human-AI study designs.