From Mobile to Wearable: Using Wearable Devices to Enrich Mobile Interaction

This workshop sets focus on wearable devices as means to enrich smartphones and their interaction capabilities. We will discuss and prototype around the new design space and generate ideas of new applications. With the prevalence of wearable devices and peripherals, such as fitness bracelets and breast straps, the input and output possibilities can be extended with various new wearable sensors and actuators.

We invite contributions that address the question of how to utilize the emerging wearable enablers for richer mobile experiences. To give a few examples, we see the following areas as something that could benefi t from new wearable sensors but we also invite position papers outside these topics.

  • New Sensors and Actuators to enrich Mobile Devices
  • De fining Interfaces between Wearable and Mobile Devices
  • Privacy and Security of Wearable Devices
  • Exploiting Wearable Devices in di fferent Contexts
  • Heads-up and Hands-free interaction with the Ubiquitous Information
  • Interacting with Wearable Devices and Smart Garments
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Wearable Devices for Life-logging and Quantifi ed Self