Stefan Schneegass is a Ph.D. student at the Human-Computer Interaction group at University of Stuttgart. Since he joined Albrecht Schmidt`s group in 2012, he worked on several projects founded by the European Union such as pd-net, meSch, and SimpleSkin. He is interested in ubiquitous computing (UbiComp) and human-computer interaction (HCI). His particular interests are in wearable computing and smart garments.

Sven Mayer is a Ph.D. student at the University of Stuttgart. He is in the German research foundation (DFG) funded cluster of excellence for Simulation Technology. His research is about modeling of human behavior patterns for interactive system. Furthermore, he is interested in human-computer interaction (HCI).

Thomas Olsson is a post-doctoral researcher at Tampere University of Technology. He has been studying user experience of various mobile and ubiquitous systems and interaction technologies, and he has a broad experience in different design methodologies. Most recently, he has focused on designing for enhancing co-located social interactions with mobile and wearable technology in two Academy of Finland projects.

Kristof Van Laerhoven obtained his Ph.D. at Lancaster University (UK) and his M.Sc. degree at the University of Brussels (Belgium). He heads the Embedded Sensing Systems group at the University of Freiburg (Germany). His research combines sensing systems with pattern recognition and machine learning, to obtain adaptive and power-efficient systems. These are especially applied in the challenging scenarios of wearable systems and wirelessly connected networks. Kristof was the program chair of ISWC 2010 and general chair of ISWC 2013. He has published highly cited articles on wearable activity recognition.