Office Wellbeing by Design: Don’t Stand for Anything Less

A CHI 2024 Workshop

The modern office is designed to prioritize productivity – we have developed technology to make nearly every work task easier and more efficient. In pursuit of this goal, workplaces are deliberately designed so that workers move as little as possible, leading to workers spending the majority of their workday in a sedentary state. This sedentary behavior not only leads to physical health problems but also exacerbates workplace stress, a prevalent issue linked to long-term health complications. Although this problem has long been recognized in both research and practice, office workers still predominantly sit while performing tasks at their desks or at conference tables in meeting rooms. Beyond taking breaks to interrupt work, there are currently limited tools and interventions for workers to integrate physical activity or stress-reducing movements into productive work tasks.

This workshop will bring together researchers and industry practitioners interested in workplace wellbeing. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we aim to bridge the gap between research and practice. We will formulate a research agenda to target the grand challenges in workplace wellbeing and develop actionable measures to translate research into practice.

If you do research on this topic, are an industry practitioner with an interest in workplace wellbeing, or are simply interested in the topic, please consider submitting to our workshop at CHI 2024.

Interested in joining? Check out our call for participation.