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This is a collection of AI tools for different tasks. The initial list was shared by Mahmoud Abd Elgawad on Facebook (given source Ahtetam Uddin). We extended it with further tools…

Text Generation

ChatGPT: write texts, summarize, generate outlines, create bullet points, answer questions about the content of texts, and answer textual questions:

DeepL Write: improves writing, helps to write:

Aleph Alpha: writing support, summarization, completion, multimodal, image prompts:

Writesonic: write texts for blogs, emails, webpage, and adverts:

Writeseed: write texts for blogs and webpages:

Microsoft Office 365 copilot:

Open AI: text summarization, keyword extraction, essay outlines, notes to text:

Newswriter: create press releases:

Novelist.AI: create novels / books: Writing tools and search engine:

Copy.AI: tool to help write blog posts and websites – from heading to structure and text:

Quickchat: make chatbots that automate customer interaction:

Resumeworded: get help with your resume and LinkedIn profile:

QuillBot: rephrase and check your writing:

StoryLab.AI: Generates content ideas and provides story for them:

Hemmingway: suggests optimizations for your sentences:

Writefull Title Generator: Generate Title based on an abstract:

Translation and Transcription

Deepl: translator:

Otter: Capture, transcript, and process meeting recordings:

Bing Translator:

Alexa Translator:

Google Translator:

Sonix: transcription in differnent languages:

Image Generation and Manipulation

Stabel Diffusion: create images based on text prompts:

DALL-E 2: create original, realistic images and art from a text description:

Illustroke: Create SVG / vector graphics from text prompts:

Flair: Design graphics for adverts (e.g. backgrounds): Link:

Patterned: Generate the patterns and regular backgrounds:

Cleanup: Remove object, defect, people, or text from pictures: AI Art generator, links to different image generators:

Midjourney, graphics generation and discord community:

Design, Marketing, Content Creation, SEO

Stockimg: Generate the logos, posters, photo, book covers: create slides, presentations, story telling:

Magic Slides: create presentations based on title:

color magic: color palette generator:

Looka: Logos and Brand Design tool:

Inkforall: AI content (Generation, Optimization, Performance)for Marketing:

CopyMonkey: generate Amazon listings and product descriptions:

Ocoya: To to create and schedule social media content:

Unbounce: Write texts and create landing pages:

Tweet Hunter: Generates tweets in the style other users:

Audio and Music Processing, Transcription

Krisp: Remove background voices, Eliminate background noises, Echo cancellation:

Podcastle: recording, text to sound, sound to text, noise removal, filler word detection:

Cleanvoice: AI to remove filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds:

Vocalremover: separate voice from music – the karaoke maker:

Otter: Capture, transcript, and process meeting recordings:

ElevenLabs: Create Voice overs with AI:

Audio and Music Generation

Soundraw: Create music, select mood, genre, length, instruments, etc.:

Beatoven: Create royalty-free music with AI:

ElevenLabs: Create Voice overs with AI:


Synthesia: Create videos with photorealistic avatars that speak typed text:

descript: Edit videos and podcasts with AI help (e.g. remove filler words, edit like text):

Vidyo: create short videos from long videos, change videos for specific use:

Maverick: Generate personalized videos (record once, adapt for customers):

Programming and Code Generation

ChatGPT: write source code, explain source code, ask questions about code:

GitHub Copilot: suggest code and functions:

Open AI: explain code, SQL code generation, Python code, bug fixer, JavaScript: AI search engine for code:

Learning and Teaching

Revision.AI: creating flash cards from PDFs:


Wolfram Alpha: solve math problems:

Productivity applications

Microsoft Office 365 copilot:

SwotBot: automated SWOT analysis based on news sources and AI:

Real Fast Reports: writing school reports:

Companies working on AI tools

Open AI:

Aleph Alpha:


You: AI search engine, writing, coding:

Microsoft, e.g. Bing create:

Google, e.g. Bard:

Help and Information on How to Write Effective Prompts

A guide on prompt generation

Prompt example for Stable Diffusion:

Source, Papers, Data Sets, Installation Required

BioGPT: Generative Pre-trained Transformer for Biomedical Text Generation and Mining (… ChatGPT for live science):

MuiscML: Generating Music From Text:

Tools to build AI applications

Open AI APIs:

Stability AI: open AI tools:

Other directories and Collections

Open AI Examples/Playground:

theresanaiforthat: database of AIs available for different tasks:

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