Christmas market in Essen

Going to Christmas market is in Germany a tradition – and obviously our group went, too 😉
It is interesting that most of us had time for this “appointment” with only two days notice – usually it takes us weeks to find a date for a meeting and so far we did not find a date for a strategy meeting in the near future. Perhaps offering Glühwein (that is what you drink at Christmas markets) would help…
The quality of photos taken with a mobile phone is in difficult context (e.g. night, lights around) still not satisfactory (even with 5MP, downscaling, and image enhancing).

Sightseeing, Photos

After the conference reception and dinner we went around Amsterdam for some late night sightseeing. Amsterdam is an amazing place…

On the tram back Florian made some very interesting pictures – this is not Photoshop 😉 it is a reflection in the window!