Merry Christmas 2016


Look inside your envelope,

the Christmas card should have them all:

Wooden wheel, a snowflake, too.

Copper things, we have a few.

Resistor, light, they’re all┬ábrand new,

a paper cut out with a view.


To bring the gift of light,

for every winter night.

You will need the following pieces for the first assembly part:

four copper strips (two long, two short), LED, resistor, wooden rim, wooden plug and the black piece of paper.


Slide in the LED,

into the holes that be.

Long leg positioned through the oak,

on the left… Continue reading

Dear colleagues and friends,

we hope you received your exclusive hcilab ornament construction kit. In order to fully enjoy the hcilab Christmas experience, 7 quick steps will guide you through the rather intuitive assembly:

The target result:

The Christmassy ingredients:

Step 1a: Free the tree!

Step 1b: Bolden the golden!

Step 1c: Take a breath!

Step 2: Assemble the tree!

Step 3a: Assemble the globe (1st stay)!

Step 3b: Assemble the globe (2nd stay)!

Step 3c: Connect the stays using the disks!

Step 4a: Put the tree in the middle!

Step 5a: Put in the remaining stays (3rd stay)!

Step… Continue reading