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RECALL aims to re-think and re-define the notion of memory augmentation. Recent developments in capture technology and information retrieval allow for continuous and automated recordings of many aspects of our everyday lives. RECALL will harness these trends and develop a new paradigm for memory augmentation technologies that are technically feasible, desired by users, and beneficial to society. By combining technological interventions with basic research questions in memory psychology, we plan to elevate memory augmentation technologies from a clinical niche application to a mainstream technology, initiating a major chance in the way we use technology to remember and to externalize memory. RECALL will build on contemporary memory theories that highlight how technology augmented recall can be used to both re- enforce and attenuate memories. It will develop novel capture technologies and corresponding control mechanisms to automate the acquisition of personal memories, and investigate how feedback through ambient large displays and personal mobile devices can aid personal memory acquisition, retention, and attenuation.


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