What did you do last Weekend: Soldering a radio kit and trying out a Sony Walkman

What did I do with Vivien the last weekends? We soldered a radio receiver kit (retro style) and it worked – there are still plenty of stations on the air all over Europe. Nowadays you have to make quite some effort to find interesting electronic kits – besides the radio we got a candle light simulator (it is an LED controlled by a PIC microcontroller that imitates a realistic flickering candle in the form factor a small candle).

Do you remember the Sony walkman? It was at the time quite a revolution – looking at it now it looks a bit bulky. The BBC4 program “electric dreams” featuring a fast-forward through technologies from the time I was born till now was very entertaining and it brought back a lot of memories … ups getting old 🙁

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    Your post reminded me of this article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8117619.stm – I think I might actually be an interesting experience for new students to live with some of these earlier-generation technologies for a while and evaluate what elements current equivalents have gained or lost from them… we possibly take our accrued knowledge of past-generation technology for granted, and make assumptions based on it.

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