Large pixels along the underpass

In the refurbished railway station (not yet finished) there is an interesting new pixel display in one main underpass. One wall is covered with a display. It is about 10 pixel (probably about 4 meters) high and several hundred pixels long (have not counted/measured them). It changes colors and shows writing (so far not really exciting).

How cool would it be if there is a freely accessible programmable web-service to control these pixel? I would guess people could create all sorts of interesting content… Perhaps people would start to bargain to get their 5 minutes of virtual graffiti shown…

3 thoughts to “Large pixels along the underpass”

  1. Or just like the CCC did on a skyscraper, playing pong with people standing outside, controlling it with their cell phones.

  2. @toxicsteveoh: yes, the first thing was: just like the CCC did with the “Haus des Lehrers”!

    It would be awesome to play Pong or Tetris on this wall! 🙂

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