Taking pictures during sports – ideas for an appliance

If you do sports it typically requires another person to take the photos of you. Having the evening off in in Haifa Keith, Antonio and me went climbing at http://www.shafan-hasela.com/. It was not easy to get there – we used the typical way – first: take a bus to a random place (not intentially) – second: realize that the bus went to a place you did not want to go – third: take the taxi to where you wanted to go.

Being three people it was very easy to takes pictures while climbing – and I as I am climbing a class below Antonio and Keith I had a lot of time to take the pictures 😉

Being computer scientist you always think about cool, challenging, and exciting projects. So we wondered if we could build an autonomous flying object that contains a camera that follows you (in a defined distance) and takes exciting photos. We have an idea how this could be done – let me know if you would be interested in the project (e.g. bachelor/master)- may be even done in a collaboration with Lancaster.

One thought to “Taking pictures during sports – ideas for an appliance”

  1. I think a flying camera would be very useful to film-makers, building and bridge inspectors, architects, and so on.

    I think I read somewhere that the U.S. military was researching a similar concept. I guess if something like this was developed for the military, it wouldn't be for artistic or leisure pursuits.

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