Accepted Papers

Paper Session: Sensory Illusions and Substitutions

Ranasinghe et al. – Enriching the Lives of Deafblind Individuals Through Sensory Substitution (Interfaces to Interact, Communicate, and Entertain)
Mauderer et al. – Beyond Accessibility: Lifting Perceptual Limitations for Everyone
Wolf – Augmenting Interface Perception through Sensory Illusion

Paper Session: Communication and Immersion

George and Hußmann – Going Beyond Human Communication Capabilities with Immersive Virtual Reality
McGookin and Kytö – Augmenting Face-to-Face Interaction with User-Curated Digital Selfs
Moradinezhad and Solovey – Integrating Brain and Physiological Sensing with Virtual Agents to Amplify Human Perception

Paper Session: Perception across modalities

Serim et al. – Extending Visual Perception Through Hands
Coady and Jacoby – Human-Robot Collaboration: Designing a Framework for Intent
Machulla et al. – Sensory amplification through crossmodal stimulation

Paper Session: Sensing like Animals

Mai et al. – Like Elephants Do: Sensing Bystanders During HMD Usage
Grosse-Puppendahl – What If… Humans Had a Sense for Electroreception?
Chernyshov et al. – Squint to Zoom: Augmenting our Sense of Vision with Zoom Caps

Paper Session: Activating humans

Maruyama and Kakehi – FacialMarionette: An On-Skin Interface for Controlling Facial Expressions and Its Applications
Lopes and Baudisch – EMS-Based Actuation and Mechanical Actuation: two sides of the same coin?
Daiber et al. – Towards Amplified Motor Learning in Sports using EMS

Paper Session: Bodily Experiences

Häkkilä and Roinesalo – Enhanced through Clothing
Hamanishi and Rekimoto – Body Cursor: Supporting Sports Training with the Out-of-Body Sence
Tag et al. – Physical Data as an Implicit Input Modality in a Two Way Affect Loop


Al Sada et al. – Challenges and Opportunities of Supernumerary Robotic Limbs
Chernyshov et al. – Brain Activity Tracking Using Smart Eyewear
Eghtebas et al. – Initial Model of Social Acceptability for Human Augmentation Technologies
Obrist and Maggioni – The Power of our Sense of Smell: What Technology can learn from Humans?
Pai et al. – A Major Challenge for Amplification Technologies – Designing Interactions for Social Spaces
Ramakrishnaraja and Mehrotra – Don’t be caught unaware! Enhancing Situational Awareness in Oil & Gas Industry through Augmented Reality